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With the advent of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, I have to admit, the world seems to be on a downward spiral. It's just one big mess after another. I have been doubled vaxxed with the ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 vaccine. I prefered it due to the uses of the Adenoviruses over the Pfizer mRNA

With that being said. I'm going to throw my brain onto a blank floppy and hopefully come out of the tunnel alive and well. Next national lockdown, I'm going through Star Trek TNG. And a few hundred litres of ice cream. --
Actually, I could have probably wrote an 8-BIT micro kernel in the first lockdown just on tea breaks. Bah!

Data Traveler UK

I'd love to know where the world of computing is going. If you found my old rant, I'm sure you can guess why.
These "slick" and "flat" "UI's", or for people my age, these "WIMPS". I do like a whole flat look. But I feel it may have been over used. Works better for Windows NT, specifically, the versions 10 & 11. Not on Mac OSX though. I feel it doesn't suit well with the 3 coloured buttons on the window decs to the left. But that's my view. And I like how NeXTSTEP looks. Oh well!

I may sound old and bitter, but to coin a bit of terminology from the 1990's, this is my personal homepage. So yeah! I do promise lots of nice things though, maybe I should do a 90's "UNDER CONSTRUCTION" page with flashing gifs......

Well, time to jack in. I'll see you all surfing the web! Or whatever it was we said back in the day. Cheerio!

You can find a few links below should you need any. These are decent bookmarks depending on your interests.

External Links:
Linux Kernel Homepage
The homepage for the Linux kernel.
The NetBSD Project
"Of course it runs NetBSD"
Vintage Apple computing products.
GNU Software Directory
Lot's of decent software available. Grab some code, hack, compile, have fun.

Internal links:
Unofficial CP/M Website
Mirror of the Unofficial CP/M Website. Without CP/M, the world of computing would look a lot different right now. Microsoft wouldn't exist due to not having an Operating System to buy and sell to IBM.
Enjoy browsing our mirror if the main site is ever down.